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What's new for ScrumDown.Net

What's new at Jan 2004

Feedback form added to tell me of problems

New Discussion pages added  So come and leave a message for someone else!!!!

England Page  updated with new 4 new Galleries

England team page updated

England Rugby World Cup page added

2003 Rugby World cup page added

Aussie rules 3  and League 4 Opened

Naked teams 4 added

Rugby Players 2 new gallery's opened

Scrums and Shorts page added

Sexgames TV page added

Showers  gallery's 10 , 11 and 12 opened

New Calendars  page opened

Jockstraps 6 new gallery opened

Muddy and Feet galleries 2 opened

Tours and Hunks  2 new gallery's opened

New as at 1st September 2003

Aussie rules 2  and League 3 Opened

England Page  updated with new England Various Gallery

Showers  gallery's 8 and 9 opened

Tours and Hunks  3 new gallery's opened

Rugby Players 2 new gallery's opened

New as at 6th July 2003

Aussie rules updated and League 2 Opened

England Page   - England win in Australia pictures and Updates to galleries  for Jonny Wilkinson , Phil Vickery , Lawrence Dallaglio

Jockstraps 5 new gallery opened

Naked teams 3

Showers 7

Updates to  Mud, Sox

23rd may 2003 updates

England Gallery - Updated with 50% more pics and Jonny Wilkinson has a new gallery at the request of Sam (North London Lad). Ben Cohen Gallery has been updated with stills from the strip scene on "question of sport". WOOF!

Six Nations - Stade Français has replaced the French gallery with a whole set of pics from their calendars and the behind the scenes photo-shoot. Scotland and Wales have both been updated

Rugby Players - Two new gallery's opened.

NEW - Tours and Hunks have been added with some pics of guys mucking around on tour and Hunks is a place to put those horny player pics.

NEW - Naked teams - Two gallery's of naked teams added

NEW - League and Aussie Rules - Their own area and stills from the London Broncos Shower scene.

Other pics - This has been enlarged to include new galleys for MUD, Feet, Sox and Drawings / Cartoons.

Showers - Two new gallery's opened

Jockstraps - New gallery opened.

News - New section with horny rugby news.

Video - Details of a video we want to do with Strikerball - if you want to be a porn star get in touch.
28/04/2003      Jason Leonard and Richard Hill Galleries opened

20/04/2003      Hunk of the week added

13/04/2003    2 new shower galleries opened

13/04/2003    2 new various rugby players galleries opened 

13/04/2003     new Jockstrap gallery opened

13/04/2003      Gotham Knights Gallery opened

08/04/2003         Link to some new stories added

04/04/2003        Hook up / feedback form added

04/04/2003        First profiles added

04/04/2003        Various Rugby players Gallery 3 added

04/04/2003       Showers Gallery 3 added

03/04/2003       England Calendar pictures  added

03/04/2003              French Calendar pictures added