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Story 2


There is this real cute young guy, Jim, who plays at my Club. Iíve fancied him since he started playing with us last March.

However it didnít take too much checking out through the team grapevine to learn that he was married. So I thought that my fantasies would always remain just that. Last week We went on tour

After the first game  was over we headed out to a pub for some drinks. One drink lead to another, and soon we were both quite merry, chatting about sex and stuff. When the bar closed we persuaded the bar man to give us some take outs, and we headed back to our hotel.

He invited me into his room to carry on our conversation. Once the door had closed, Jim shrugged out of his shirt and jeans, and suggested that I too make myself comfortable. Needless to say I didnít need to be asked twice, and soon we were slouched on his bed only wearing our boxer shorts and open shirts. As we lay there drinking and talking, my eyes were drawn to his muscular legs and hairy chest. There was a good sized bump in his white boxer shorts.

I couldnít believe I was lying there on a bed with this straight guy. My cock was slowly swelling up as my mind began to work out how to get him into bed. The conversation turned round to the subject of sex, and my heart started racing. He finished his bottle of beer, and went to the bathroom. Lying on the bed I watched Jim in the mirror as he took his cock out from his shorts and then shoot a stream of hot piss into the toilet bowl.

 Absentmindedly he walked back into the room still holding his cock, shaking the last few drops of piss from his cock, letting them fall on the carpet. Having just watched him piss, and now watching him holding his cock had given me a raging hard on. Jim popped his cock back inside his shorts, grabbed a new bottle of beer and slumped down on the bed right next to me.

He started telling me about how his wife wasnít adventurous in bed, and how she didnít like to suck cock. I asked him what turned him on, and what he liked being done to him in bed. His leg was pressed hard up against mine. His hand was resting half on his thigh and half on my leg. As we talked I gently shifted position so that his hand fell fully on to my leg.

 His fingers started to gently play with the hair on the inside of my thigh. I noticed that his cock had grown hard, and was pushing up against the fabric of his boxer shorts. My own cock was aching with desire. I figured that it was now or never. I put on a light hearted tone of voice, and suggested that we could suck each other off.

He tensed for a moment, and then a smile spread across his face. The smile then turned into a grin. He asked me if I was serious. I reassured him that I was, ďJust a bit of funĒ. With that he pulled me towards him. Our mouths met in a hot ravenous kiss, our tongues entwining. Jimís hands pulled at my shirt and my shorts, eagerly touching my body. I too moved my hands over his body, feeling his smooth skin and firm muscles.

I slid my hands under the waistband of his boxer shorts and felt his hard cock, 8 inches of firm uncut cock. In moments we were naked, our bodies grinding together as we kissed, our hands exploring each others bodies. Suddenly he pushed me onto my back and positioned himself over me. His cock and balls swung above my face. Before I had a chance to take him in mouth I could feel his lips and tongue moving over my own cock. I took his cock and slid it into my mouth.

I tasted his precum as he lowered his hips, and started to fuck my mouth. Slowly, at first he slid his cock in and out of my mouth. Each time he eased out I teased his cockhead with my tongue, before he slid back inside again. I ran my fingers over the crack of his arse, I felt his legs spread to give me more access. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and while he continued to suck on my cock I turned my tongue to work on his arsehole. His arse tasted so hot and salty.

He moaned gently each time I pushed my tongue up hard against his puckered hole, each time I managed to push deeper. His hands were working on my balls while my fingers and tongue probed his arsehole. Gently I slid a finger up inside his arse. His body shivered in delight. I eased my finger out and pushed my tongue deep into his arse. I gave my finger a good long suck and then shoved it up his arse before taking his throbbing cock back in my mouth.

I began to massage his sphincter muscled while I sucked deeply on his cock. Jim spread his legs wider, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth, and allowing my hands greater access to his arsehole. I could only just breath as he thrust into my mouth. His movements were perfectly balanced to get the most sensation from the finger up his arse and the mouth around his manhood.

With my spare hand I massaged his nipples and then put my hand tightly around his throat. I too began to pump my hips in time with his own thrusting. Suddenly his body tensed, and I knew he was coming.

His cock pushed deep into my throat, and his arse muscled squeezed my finger as he shot his load, pumping inside me. Jimís orgasm triggered my own violent eruption of jism, our bodies jerking in unison as we drank each others spunk. Needless to say that for the rest of that night we had plenty more hot sex. The next morning he fucked me in the shower. Weíve sucked each other off twice since in the club  toilets. And now weíve made plans for a weekend of passion.

Heís telling his wife that he has to go to a weekend conference. I shall keep you posted